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Experienced Whistleblower Lawyer

The Average SEC Whistleblower Award is ~$5,000,000

Whistleblowers reporting corporate crimes to the SEC can earn huge payouts of 10% to 30% of the fines collected by the SEC. With the help of an SEC whistleblower law firm, you can ensure your information is reported correctly and increase your chances of a whistleblower reward. Moreover, an experienced attorney can provide protection from retaliation. Take the first step with our anonymous, award-winning online evaluation:


The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)

The SEC receives tens of thousands of claims every year, but very few are investigated; you have a much higher chance of making a successful claim and receiving a reward if you work with an attorney. Most law firms exclusively represent the companies in order to avoid future conflicts of interest by representing a whistleblower. FTI Law is a firm specifically For The Individual and our SEC lawyers are passionate about protecting whistleblowers and fighting for justice alongside whistleblowers.

The Value of SEC Experience

It takes skill to submit information to the SEC in a way that it gets noticed and acted on ahead of the tens of thousands of tips the SEC receives. FTI Law’s managing lawyer John Joy has taken on FCPA and SEC cases for almost a decade and has been described as an “expert” in the field by LexisNexis. With experience in both white-collar crime defense as well as working with whistleblowers, John is uniquely qualified to bring corporations to justice and earn just compensation for brave whistleblowers. Report corporate crime with SEC whistleblowing experience on your side. Talk with our law firm now.

Global Experience

Although based out of the United States, FTI Law has experience handling SEC and FCPA cases on a global scale across five continents. You do not need to live in nor be a United States citizen to work with FTI Law to report corporate crime. Contact our lawyers today with any information on potential SEC violations and we can advise on whether they might qualify for the whistleblower program.

Contact An Experienced SEC Whistleblower Lawyer

Only the first person to report information to the SEC is eligible to receive a reward for that information so it’s important to act quickly. If you’ve already reported the information to your company, you only have 120 days to report to the SEC in order to maximize eligibility for a reward. Schedule a free, anonymous consultation with an attorney now.

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