Knowing how to report SEC violations properly is key to ensuring that you benefit from legal protections, including the ability to protect yourself from retaliation and the possibility of obtaining a whistleblower award. Incorrectly submitted information may not ensure that you are protected from retaliation or eligible for a reward. 

On average, SEC whistleblowers earn a $5,000,000 payout.

If you have evidence of an SEC violation, do the right thing and report it. Our attorneys at FTI Law have the necessary experience to know how to report someone to the SEC, ensuring your submission has the highest chance of getting investigated. FTI Law’s managing attorney has experience on both sides of the white-collar crime bench, making him uniquely experienced in fighting for justice against massive corporations.

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How To Report SEC Violations

You can submit a tip directly via the Office of the Whistleblower at the SEC by completing their TCR form, but we do not advise going it alone. Using an attorney to assist with how to report someone to the SEC can ensure that you are able to report anonymously and maximize the chance that your tip is investigated. The SEC receives tens of thousands of tips annually, and you have a better chance of making a successful claim and receiving a reward if you work with a lawyer.

To work with FTI Law, first, complete our award-winning whistleblower evaluation and reach out to us by phone or email. FTI Law will get back to you within a few hours, and your free, anonymous consultation will be scheduled within a couple of days. FTI Law’s experienced attorneys will properly prepare and submit your claim on your behalf. You only pay FTI Law if you earn a reward.

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