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Report legal violations quickly, easily and anonymously with the help of FTI Law.  We can help you claim your whistleblower award before someone else claims it:

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What Is An SEC Whistleblower Award?

 A whistleblower award is a payment you can receive from the for reporting legal violations. An SEC whistleblower award is a payment you can receive for reporting legal violations committed by publicly traded companies, their subsidiaries or employees. laws violations to the SEC. This can include reporting corruption, reporting bribery or other misconduct. The average SEC whistleblower award now stands at almost $5 million.

What is whistleblower protection?

If you report legal violations to the SEC you could be entitled to some of the strongest whistleblower protection laws available in the United States. These laws can protect you against harassment, retaliation and termination by your employer. If you would like to learn more about whistleblower protections for individuals reporting to the SEC, speak to our team for free:

What is a Whistleblower Attorney/Lawyer?

An SEC whistleblower attorney is a lawyer who represents clients who want to report legal violations to the SEC. FTI Law has an experienced team with almost a decade’s worth of experience representing clients before the SEC. Our skilled team will guide you through the reporting process quickly and smoothly. 

How do I know if I qualify for a whistleblower award?

 The quickest and easiest way is to take FTI Law’s award-winning online evaluation.  We use an AI algorithm to compare information about your claim with the relevant legal criteria to give you a quicksimple answer for free: